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Garage Conversions

Kingscroft Construction Limited is a 35 year old name in the construction industry. We offer services to convert your garage areas into splendid living areas or a dining area or a room for your kids.

We understand that in recent times it has become quintessential to have more utility space in your abodes. Henceforth, we provide you expert suggestions as to how you can utilize your garage space and convert to a more usable area.

Our team of experts would suggest you to the best possible conversion form of the area. Our team are based in Stafford. But we are available to work for the projects anywhere in the Wolverhampton, Cannock and surrounding areas.

The process of converting a garage or even a part of it would need certain approvals from the concerned authorities. At Kingscroft Construction Limited, we take that responsibility of getting the required approvals.

We provide you with a team of architectural expertise along with legal advisors for the approvals.

Experienced Building Work in Stafford

The garage conversion needs a thorough study of the area with regards to foundation, roof and walls. Our team would advice you if there is a need to redo any of the three – foundation, roof or walls.

This might be required as during the construction of garage these are rarely made strong as the entire house. Our team would also suggest to you ways to improve the padding of the area and ventilation.

If you look forward for an advice on the garage conversion for your house or office building, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.