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Kingscroft Construction Limited has an experience of over 35 years in construction industry. We offer our customers an experienced team of finest architects to plan your extensions.

The extensions planned would be in consideration to suit all your requirements. We believe that any extension to an existing building needs an experienced team to manage it.

Therefore, we have a dedicated team of experienced architects to assist you with the extensions of your house or office building. Based in Stafford, we would be available for the projects anywhere in the surrounding areas. This includes Wolverhampton, Lichfield, Walsall  and Cannock.

We understand that the extensions to any building need the skill of customization and tailoring art. Our architects will work closely with you to understand the minutest details of your requirements. We will then come up with the exclusive design for you.

The team at Kingscroft Construction will always keep you updated. This includes information about the progress of the architectural project and the construction.

Professional Builders in Stafford

The team at Kingscroft Construction Limited is skilled to help you with single storey, double storey and even larger extensions.

Extensions are usually made to existing buildings to create more utility space and larger usable area.

A single storey extension is the most used these days. The single storey extension is basically coupled with wall removals for new plans.

The multiple storey extension requires more skill and experience. The process of latter might include roof and window cutting.

These jobs should be handed over to the experienced builders and constructors.

If you are looking for an advice on the extension for your house or office building, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you.