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New Home Builders
Cannock | Stoke on Trent | Staffordshire

Are you looking for experienced new home builders in Cannock? Stafford Construction has an expertise in handling new building projects. 

With an huge experience of 35 years in the construction industry, we are second to none. We are your first choice for builders in Stafford, Walsall, Lichfield and Wolverhampton.

We offer our customers a thorough support for project and site management. We understand the importance of the entire process of the construction of a new building.

Therefore, our architectural and planners’ team take care of the complete process. We manage your project right from the foundation lying to the final touch up work.

The team would inspect the site for the ground conditions. From there, we plan your house with details of design and specifications. Once you get the approvals from the authority, we would initiate the process of construction of your dream home.

The team would provide you regular updates on the success of the project. This means you would be informed at every stage of completion of the project.

There are various stages to the new building construction including:.

  • Site Clearance
  • Foundation
  • Ground Floor Structure
  • Drainage
  • Electricity
  • Wall Structure
  • Roofing
  • Chasing
  • Door And Windows
  • Wall Finishing
  • And Other Requirements

New Home Contractors in Cannock

Stafford Construction would be there to inspect each stage of construction. We will make sure your dream home meets your requirements and fulfils your dreams.

Our team is dedicated to offer you your preferred design aesthetics. These will not be compromised due to engineering requirements. We work towards achieving higher customer satisfaction and contentment with the final construction.

If you are planning for your dream home, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you with the architectural plan, construction and completion of your own dream home.

If you require new home builders in Cannock, Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire contact us today. Call 0845 291 1174 to discuss your project.

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